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Kim Juachon

Kim's first dance experience was performing in talent shows at her elementary school with her best friends. In high school, Kim took her first dance formal dance class, and her passion for movement was reawakened. In addition to the school dance classes, Kim was also a cheerleader and started breakdancing in her brother's breaking crew. All of these experiences allowed her the opportunity to perform in front of multiple audiences for various events, competitions, and showcases. After high school, Kim joined UC Santa Cruz's hip hop dance team, Haluan, where she was a member for four years and a coordinator for one. While on Haluan, Kim choreographed numerous hip hop pieces for dance workshops, auditions, and showcases/competitions throughout the Bay Area. After college, Kim moved back to San Diego and joined local hip hop crew, Kinology (formally known as Team Nacu Rhythmz), where she was a member for 2 years. While on Kinology, Kim continued to choreograph hip hop routines and taught company classes monthly. She also taught hip hop dance camp/dance activities for the Copley YMCA Summer and Seasonal Camp from 2010 - 2013. Currently, Kim is a supervisor for the before/after-school program at McKinley Elementary (North Park), where she instructs weekly cardio hip hop for grades K-5